Are you thinking of moving your business to St. Croix, or beginning a new business on island? Should you lease or buy an existing building, or purchase land to build what you envision? 

The location of your business will determine how convenient and cost effective it is to operate and how accessible it is to the public. These will be key factors in your decision making, along with zoning of course. As these examples of 6 Company St and 28 Diamond show, a downtown Christiansted property is perfect for a retail or restaurant endeavor, or small office space. It’s a popular location for shops, restaurants, and professional offices. The land parcel would be a great location for a business that needs to be close to busy streets, the airport, and near the deep water container port. These are two very different locations for very different types of businesses.  

If you would like to discuss more about this and look at commercial listings on St. Croix, please contact us. We are experienced realtors who also represent buyers and sellers with commercial real estate needs.

For more about zoning designations on properties, see our Q&A on this subject here: