Published on our June 2023 Newsletter

Question: “What are the different zoning codes I will see on a listing?”

Chris’ Answer:

When you are buying land to build your island home, it is important to know if you can use the land as planned. The most common zones you will see:

R-1 – residential, low density, set backs – 15 feet all sides
R-2 – residential low density (1 – 2 family dwellings), set backs – 15 feet front, 10 feet rear and sides

These are all of the zones:

A-1 Agricultural District
A-2 Agricultural District
R-1 Residence—Low Density
R-2 Residence—Low Density
R-3 Residence—Medium Density
R-4 Residence—Medium Density
R-5 Residence—High Density
B-1 Business—Central Business District
B-2 Business—Secondary
B-3 Business—Scattered
B-4 Business—Residential Areas
C Commercial
I-1 Industry—Heavy
I-2 Industry—Light
W-1 Waterfront—Pleasure
W-2 Waterfront—Commercial—Industrial
P Public
S Special

For in-depth descriptions of the different codes, their uses, and their restrictions, go to:

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