Happy July! Is there a remodel in your future? Whether you are getting ready to list your home in the future or improving your home to enjoy now, home upgrades and construction can be stressful. So, Christie and I thought we would share a few tips on how to stay calm during a remodel project.

Use sticky notes to help yourself and your contractor stay on the timeline. When you or your contractor finish a task, take a note off the wall. It’s an easy way to keep your project on track, and it’s rewarding to see the progress.

Buying new fixtures like lights, faucets, and doorknobs can be overwhelming. Before you know it, you’ll walk through the store, and everything looks the same. Group your purchases by room to help keep yourself sane. Buy these items early in case there are supply issues.

Construction projects are messy if you’re remodeling one room or a few. To keep the dust down, block off the room with plastic. The rest of the house will remain clean. If you’re working on several rooms, take it one room at a time to avoid even more frustration.

What’s the busiest room in the house? Your kitchen. When it’s under construction, you don’t have to cancel dinner every night or go out to eat out every day. Get creative with one pot and no-bake recipes. If you have a grill, it’s time to become a BBQ expert.

If you’re thinking about a remodel, I hope that these tips help you stay calm throughout your project. If you decide to buy a new home or list your home, I can help. Now is a great time to buy and sell – call, text, or email us to set up a time to talk.

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