Published on our October 2021 Newsletter

Question: What’s the most important thing I can do to help me sell my property?

Christie’s Answer: DE-CLUTTER! As buyers search, they want to visualize themselves living in the property. The photos and videos we take should show what you are selling. It’s best that your property is as uncluttered as possible! If you already have plans to paint or make any repairs, those things should be done before the photos and videos are taken. That way, when people see your home, it will be more attractive, and ready for sale. Sometimes there are needed repairs which will not be made prior to sale. That’s OK. We can mention them in the listing, and inform buyers that either the repairs are scheduled to be done before the sale closes, or that the repairs won’t be done, and they are buying the property as is.

If you have more questions about selling your home, contact us!

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