Studio 360 is your one stop shop for wellness on St. Croix. This state-of-the-art chiropractic wellness and movement center combines chiropractic wellness care with a functional fitness center. Together, these pieces create an environment that supports the goal of helping the body heal itself. Designed with holistic wellness in mind, Studio 360 owners Amanda & Kendall Holmes opened the center in late 2017 after the devastating hurricanes Irma and Maria. “Right after we unloaded the equipment into the space, Irma came with little to no damage and Maria soon after,” said Amanda. Unfortunately, hurricane Maria’s 175-mph winds caused catastrophic damage to the island. Although everything was still in plastic, their plans on opening were delayed due to the storm.

Despite the delay, Amanda and Kendall were determined to open Studio 360. With no power for 4 months, they provided personal training sessions at their home and did wellness visits at the studio in the heat. Amanda stated how badly people wanted care after dealing with the stress of the storms. “This is why we train – to stay healthy.” In doing so, the couple was able to help many and be
resilient during the tough times post hurricanes. Creating a healthy community is the purpose and mission at Studio 360 because “a happy community equals healthy people.”

Studio 360 stands out from other fitness centers with their focus on functional movement, which is a new area of exercise, and wellness. The studio strives to help patients achieve an optimal level of wellness where they’re not coming in because of an issue but maintaining overall health before an issue occurs. In addition to the chiropractic wellness session and fitness classes, Studio 360 offers acupuncture, massage therapy, diet and nutrition consultation and reiki, a relaxation, stress reduction and holistic energy healing practice that helps manage health and wellbeing. Their specialty equipment is also one of their standout features, most specifically the K-Mill 360 which was created and designed by Kendall. This multi-directional treadmill allows for movement in all 360 degrees where one can burn up to 52% more calories than walking alone. Using this one-of-a-kind piece of equipment allows muscle utilization in all the ranges they were designed to move, creating a balance physique, stimulated nervous system and improved posture.

Studio 360 is located at Five Corners in Estate La Grande Princess in the old National Guard Building. For more information about Studio 360, visit their website at or give them a call at (340) 514-8376.

Article written by Anquanette Gaspard ( for Coldwell Banker, St. Croix Realty

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