Dream of owning a home? Are you in a moderate income household? Do you need help in financing a mortgage?

Back in October, we mentioned a collaboration with Governor Albert Bryan Jr, the Office of Disaster Recovery, and the EDA in partnership with local banks and mortgage companies to help residents a new home loan program for moderate income Virgin Islanders. Starting January, the V. I. Economic Development Authority (EDA) has opened the V.I. Slice Moderate-Income Homeownership Program. The VI Slice program aims to help residents who wants to be a homeowner and need some help to make their first home purchase. It is a homeownership assistance program created to provide eligible, moderate-income families with up to $200,000 in gap financing on a down payment, closing costs for buying or rehabilitating a home, or the cost of constructing a home on land the resident owns.

To be eligible for Slice, applicants on St. Croix must have at least an annual income of $43,501; on St. Thomas, $45,000, and on St. John, $47,000. For residents who are interested in the program, we encourage you to visit the new VI Slice website: www.vislice.com, where one can find information on how the program works, its eligibility requirements, and how an applicant can use the program’s funds. 

The website also includes a directory of participating local banking institutions and mortgage companies (below are the organizations listed on January 24, please see the www.vislice.com/lenders website as information may change over time).

Popular https://www.popular.vi/

First Bank https://www.1firstbank.com/vi/en

Bank of St. Croix https://www.bankofstcroix.com/

Schaffer Mortgage Corp https://www.vimortgage.com/

Oriental Bank https://orientalbank.com/en/

First Liberty Mortgage https://www.firstlib.com/

Flagstar Bank https://www.flagstar.com/

Northpoint Mortgage https://www.trynorthpoint.com/

Merchant Commercial Bank

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