According to the ’10 best’ article from USA Today, St Croix’s “balmy, sea-breezy climes have always equated with year-round outdoor dining, and here are 10 of the best for feasting al fresco safely and scenically.” As long-time residents of St. Croix, we couldn’t agree more! For example, we recently dined at Galleon featured on the list and enjoyed a beautiful evening of fresh seafood and scenic views of the harbor. Check out which restaurants rounded out the ’10 best’ outdoor dining experiences in St Croix list below. Read the USA Today original article here.



The Fred

La Reine Chicken Shack

The Deep End

The Buccaneer Resort

Caroline’s (see our previous blog article about Caroline’s here)

Hamilton’s (see our previous blog article about Hamilton’s here)

Ziggy’s Island Market

The Galleon Steaks & Seafood