Published on our October 2021 Newsletter

Question: What kinds of technology will you use to help sell my property?

Chris’s Answer: The technology we use to represent your property will greatly depend on the property, and how we feel we can best create a complete, accurate, and visually interesting listing. We may use different equipment, including a drone, a gimbal, and a Matterport camera. 

Photos and Video are the backbone of any listing. Having great, attractive, well lit photos is, of course, a must and video is crucial in walkthroughs of the property or showing the wonderful sweeping views that many properties on St. Croix have. Still photos just don’t have the same impact as video to show the beauty of the Caribbean panoramas of clouds, waves and on a clear day, the neighboring islands.

Drones are very common these days, and create wonderful photos and videos which can give buyers a better idea of the property. A sweeping video either from overhead, or at an angle, give a dramatic representation of land, homes, or a condo complexes. Sometimes land is very overgrown. A drone can give a buyer a better understanding of the terrain and view. It can show the proximity to the beach. And, if there is more than one building on the property, a drone photo or video can show where each building is located on the lot. 

drone footage from our recently sold lots at 72EB and 72EC Clairmont

Gimbals stabilize a camera while walking or driving so that the video is very smooth. We use this for walking through the property, walking around the outside of the property, or driving the neighborhood. We might show a pathway to the beach, the way to the pool, what the property looks like from the street, or anything else we feel could be of interest.

Matterport Cameras create a 3D self guided tour where a potential buyer can see the entire interior – from floor to ceiling as if walking through the condo or home in person. The viewer clicks on a spot, and the video takes them to the exact spot. It also creates a “doll house” image so that the property is viewed as a whole (as in the adjoining photo).

3D tour of our 140 St. C listing (under contract)