Learn how to dance like a pro at St. Croix Ballroom & Latin Dance Studio! Owners Garincha and Jennifer Hilaire have over 20 years of knowledge and experience in the art of dancing and brought their expertise to St. Croix. After honeymooning in St. John, the couple fell in love with the idea of island living. They decided a larger island was more their speed and chose St. Croix as their home, moving to the island in October 2020.

Garincha & Jennifer tried to find a social ballroom and dance spaces on the island and realized there weren’t any. From there, St. Croix Ballroom & Latin Dance Studio was born offering various types of dance styles under one roof – salsa, swing, tango and ballroom. Originally, the couple planned on creating a dance club. “We wanted to create a space where groups of people could come together and dance,” said Garincha. However, the COVID-19 pandemic made that option impossible; instead, they opened their dance studio in June 2021.

Three types of lessons are offered – private, group and practice – with each one offering different benefits for the student. Private lessons are one-on-one coaching and is the most efficient way to learn how to dance. Students can practice any style of dance they want; questions are answered right away and lessons take place at the convenience of the student. A manual is provided to track progress, learning and development. Group lessons are always fun and energetic. With these lessons, students can use it as repetition and to fine tune what they’ve learned in one-on-one lessons. “Our group lessons are great because of the people who attend.” There is no need to be shy as the groups are noncompetitive where everyone supports one another. Practice sessions round out the offerings with a real-life setting featuring disco lights. Here, students get to apply the material they’ve learned and are supervised throughout the session. According to Garincha, it is ideal to have all three forms to be a well-rounded dancer. However, you can mix and match lessons as you choose.

As a beginner specialist studio, anyone who feels they have two left feet should come and see their teaching method. “We can make anyone a believer that they can be a great dancer.” The first lesson, which is a private lesson, is free. This ensures that each person enjoys their time with St. Croix Ballroom & Latin Dance Studio before making a decision to join. At that time, the pricing, packages and other offerings will be discussed and decided on.

Article written by Anquanette Gaspard (agaspard@cruzanfoodie.com) for Coldwell Banker, St. Croix Realty

For more information, call their studio 340-642-2751 or their website. Also read see their page on GoToStCroix: https://www.gotostcroix.com/theatre-dance/st-croix-ballroom-and-latin-dance-studio/

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