Question: “What are the most important features to think about when looking at St Croix properties?”

Christie’s Answer:

Consider the features that suit the needs of your lifestyle both now, and in the future:

  • Outdoor space. Because of the temperate climate, be sure to think about creating wonderful outdoor spaces. Even in condos, there will be galleries. You’ll want enough space for you to relax and enjoy the view and breezes, and maybe entertain outside.
  • Air flow. Unless you intend to use AC all of the time, having cross breezes and ceiling fans are important. This will keep you cool, and having fresh air circulating will deter mold growth.
  • View. What do you want to see when in your outdoor space or looking out your windows? Many people want a sea view. It can be an expansive one, or just small. Some people love a view of the rolling hills or of a garden. Others want to see the old buildings in one of the towns.
  • Activities. Do you like to be near diving or snorkeling? Do you like to hike or bike and want to be near places to do that? Perhaps you are an artist who would want to be near the Botanical Garden or historic sites? If you have a boat, you may want to be close to where it’s moored. If you are a star gazer, you may want to be in a more rural area where the glorious moon, stars, and planets will shine brighter!
  • Pets. We live with our dogs and cats, all Crucian rescues. We have enough space for them inside and outside. Although they are not pets, we have created garden spaces with flowering plants for hummingbirds and banana quits (sugar birds). We have several bird baths, bird houses, feeders for the sugar loving birds, feeders for finches, and we put out cracked corn for the doves, pigeons, and the 2 peacocks which roam the neighborhood.

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First published on our February 2024 Newsletter