Published on our April 2022 Newsletter

Question: How are closings handled?

Chris’s Answer: In the US Virgin Islands, the long standing practice is for Buyers and Sellers to each be represented by attorneys to close the sale. We always recommend hiring an attorney who specializes in real estate to represent you.

The Buyer’s attorney will review all the documents to make sure “clear and marketable title” to the property being purchased is delivered to the Buyer. The attorney’s work includes, but isn’t limited to, reviewing the title commitment, survey, tax clearance letters, closing statements, Buyers statements of expenses and making sure that all the documents are in order for closing.

Sometimes Buyers and/or Sellers are present for closing. If you are off island for the closing, this is not a problem. Your attorney can have you sign a Limited Power of Attorney for some documents, so that the attorney can sign them for you. If there is a mortgage, those loan documents do need to be physically signed by the Buyer (i.e. the Borrower) and those documents can be sent to the Buyer through the mail. The closing usually takes place in one of the attorney’s offices.

Once the documents are signed and funds paid to the Seller and any lien holders — CONGRATULATIONS — you now own a new home, condo or land on St. Croix! The Buyer’s attorney will make sure that any relevant documents are Recorded at the Lt. Governor’s Recorder of Deeds Office.