Since 1992, the Bennie and Martha Benjamin Foundation has contributed $3 million towards enhancing health care services in the region. The VI consortium article reported the insights into the legacy of Bennie Benjamin, a songwriter from St. Croix. The Foundation executor said Benjamin’s will specified that royalties from his songs be allocated to health care improvements within the Virgin Islands. The latest donation is to Frederiksted Health Care which has received 3 state-of-the-art dental scanners to improve patient care. These advanced scanners, one for each of FHC’s dental sites, were generously provided by the Bennie and Martha Benjamin Foundation to enhance dental care services on St. Croix.

The article also shared the transformative effects of this donation as illustrated by the FHC.

Prior to receiving the scanners, the process of creating dentures, crowns, and bridges was lengthy and prone to errors, involving off-island shipping of molds which could take 6 to 8 weeks. Heat during shipping sometimes caused molds to shrink, resulting in ill-fitting final products and necessitating re-doing the entire process. With the new scanners, images are sent directly to the lab, ensuring precise results and reducing turnaround time to 10 days.

Dr. Robert Good, Chief Dental Officer at FHC

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