WTJX recently interviewed actor and musician Dan Aykroyd and discussed his new collaboration with St. Croix musicians to record a Virgin Islands tribute song called “Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Night.” The new song features the legendary actor’s “Blues Brothers” character, Elwood Blues.

It is a wonderful song and we want to share it! Click on this link to listen on Spotify. The link to Spotify will take you to the song, and ask you to Log in to your Spotify Account OR if you don’t have one, to sign up for a free Spotify Account.

In the WTJX interview, we learn more about local talent behind the song:

“The two famous performers teamed up with residents Kevin Motta, who also sings on the track, and Jeff Tareila, who wrote the music and produced the song in his studios in New Jersey and St. Croix. Other local musicians who play on the track include Kurt Schindler on guitar, Abbie Leung-Massicot on steel pans and a choir organized by Leslie Highfield-Carter. The drummer on the song is Chuck Treece, a member of various bands, including G. Love and Special Sauce. The collaborating artists for “Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Night” are known as VI Peeps.”


Having purchased a home on St. Croix after visiting the island over the years, Aykroyd spoke of his love for the island. He said there is a warmth in the territory that he hasn’t found in many of the other parts of the Caribbean he has visited.

If you read our blog and follow us on social media, you know that we love St. Croix, it has been our home for 20 years! You can see what St. Croix is like through our lens with “Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Night” playing below:

You can read the full WTJX article here.

Photo of Dan Akroyd and Jeff Tarelia credit to WTJX Studio