The White-crowned Pigeon is a near threatened species and we have been seeing them in our front yard! Christie lays out seeds for them and we enjoy their occasional visits. Coincidentally, we came across an article by writer and photographer Robbie Lisa Freeman in the Los Angeles Audubon that mention the White-crowned Pigeon on St. Croix. Freeman is doing a series about birding in the US Virgin Islands and part 1 documents the birds she saw at St. Croix’s Southgate Coastal Reserve and more from her birdwatching experience.

As pointed out in the article, St. Croix has a lot of sweet spots for birdwatching. The Southgate Reserve, St. George Botanical Garden, the East End Nature Preserve and Marine Park, Green Cay National Wildlife Refuge, Salt River Bay National Historical Park and Ecological Preserve, Buck Island Reef National Monument, The Nature Conservancy’s Estate Little Princess preserve, and more have been designated as wildlife sanctuaries to protect nesting habitat and destinations for birdwatchers to admire these amazing creatures.

We encourage you to read the full article here, and we can’t wait to read the rest of the series when it publishes! You can follow Freeman on Instagram @freebird2020LF to see her birding images.

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Photo courtesy of GoToStCroix

Birding at Southgate Coastal Reserve by