Published on our July 2022 Newsletter

Question: What makes a listing attractive?

Christie’s Answer: Some of the sale listings we see surprise us and NOT in a good way! The photos show the owners’ personal items on the counters or all over the bedrooms, photos are taken vertically instead of horizontally, the lighting is poor, the descriptions are uninteresting, there are no walkthrough videos or drone videos and photography, properties are even mapped incorrectly — they are literally shown in the wrong location on St. Croix and occasionally even off-shore in the Caribbean Sea! These mistakes and omissions are detrimental to the marketing of your property.

In our listings, we are as accurate and descriptive as we can be. The personal items are removed or hidden. We have crisp clear photos, videos when we feel they can help give the buyer a better feel for the property (including a self-guided 3-D tour), and any documents which may include maps, surveys or plot maps, list of improvements, floor plans or anything else which would give buyers useful information. We even use drone photos and videos when those are appropriate.

We have sold properties to off island buyers sight unseen. If the listing has poor photos, or if there’s something our buyers want to see, we take those photos or videos. One house was on a rough road, so we took a driving video for the buyers, and then did a FaceTime call to walk through the property with them. We answered their questions as we went. The first time they saw the house was after it had closed, and we handed them the keys! It’s important to us that each sale is the right fit for the buyers, it’s always “the moment of truth” in these type of situations, but our Buyers were totally delighted and excited!

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