We always encourage friends and tourists to check the airlines’ websites for the most up to date information on flights to St. Croix. St. Croix Ultimate Bluewater Adventures shared their scoop on airline service changes that are coming up for season. Read SCUBA’s original post from October 10 on their Facebook page, but here are some of their highlights:


The last day for the morning service is November 3rd.

That flight doesn’t return until March 26, 2023

We’ll have 1 afternoon flight to Miami year round

A second afternoon Miami flight is added from November 30th thru December 14th but oddly enough goes away from then until February 3rd (leaving out the Christmas and New Years Holidays)

The second Miami afternoon flight goes away on March 26th when the morning flight returns


This was supposed to come back as a Saturday only flight starting this weekend but it’s now been put off until November 5th.

It operates Daily from December 15th thru the 23rd

Then a few days a week thru January 9th

Saturday only January 14th thru February 11th

Daily from February 16th thru April 1st

Back to Saturday only after that


The most consistent one.

Daily flight from now through as far as their schedule goes into the future (May 2nd)


Their Saturday only flight is with us through 12/10/22

It operates Daily 12/17/22 thru 1/8/23

Then Daily Except Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday thru February 16th

Daily again February 17 thru April 9th

Saturday only April 15th thru October 2023

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In addition, our friends at GoToStCroix.com has a list of airlines flying to St. Croix, see it here.

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