Purchasing real estate is likely to be the biggest and most complex financial transaction a person will make in their life. A trusted real estate professional is a strong advocate who understands the information and the process. As experts with knowledge of the local market, we are well prepared to guide Buyers through all the practical details and potential obstacles which may occur during the purchase process.

We are your information resource, negotiator, advocate, problem solver, and calendar watcher. Even if you have bought property in the states, buying in the US Virgin Islands can be different.

Buying real estate is unlike buying anything else. It’s complicated. An experienced Realtor is the close professional ally who can make a world of difference for you. If you are considering buying property here on St. Croix, please contact us, and let’s start working together towards reaching your goals!

In the video below we walk you through the 15 steps to buying a home. Let us know if you have any questions!