Published on our January 2023 Newsletter

Question: “What are the basic qualifications for a 1031 Exchange?”

Chris’ Answer:

Your new purchase also needs to be an investment property and not a primary residence. The new investment property must be of “like-kind” to the property being sold.

Vacation homes or condos can qualify.

  • Key Considerations:
  • To achieve the maximum tax benefit, the reinvestment must be of equal or greater value.
  • The Qualified Intermediary must ensure that all eligibility requirements are adhered to. The investor must not have access to the funds from the sale.
  • There are limitations on the amount of capital gains that may be tax deferred.

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*For more information on 1031 Exchanges, their requirements and additional stipulations, consult a licensed tax professional before making arrangements to begin a 1031 Exchange.

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